COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates by Red Basil – August 4, 2020

Purpose of this Communication

This long article is provided for anyone curious about the future direction of Red Basil during COVID-19. In this article, the Health Department and some of their current temporary conflicting practices are mentioned. Therefore, we first want to make note that Red Basil always adheres to every Health Code and is always ahead of the game in maintaining cleanliness and keeping everyone safe, and will continue to do so with the industry’s leading best practices for cleanliness and safety.

Consistent Quality

With the exception to when a customer requests a special customized order, all our recipes are established recipes with detailed step-by-step processes and strictly-followed sauce recipes (the menu’s Eastern Thailand Salads are the most customized). Most would find this excessive, but 3-4 days each week, we have secret orders placed to test the quality of the dishes to ensure consistency. The work that went into establishing these quality control processes is massive and took years in the making and is always being improved.

Why the Dining Room is Closed

Towards the end of July, we got a complaint about the food quality (name withheld). Cameras were checked, extra tests were performed, and employees interviewed, yet everything checked out to be just fine. The customer mentioned one dish tasted different, a sauce tasted much stranger than usual, and another dish had zero flavor. This is an example why our dining room is currently closed, because contagious people with COVID-19 who are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic are wondering around town spreading the virus without even knowing they carry it (hence the requirement for masks). Then we also get symptomatic people like this customer (symptom: COVID-19 virus leprechauns were playing with their taste buds) who “haven’t the foggiest” and are oblivious about their symptoms.


Masks do not prevent one from getting the virus, but help prevent the wearer from easily passing the virus on by blocking the wearer’s condensation from the mouth and nose, which condensation can transfer the virus within a six-foot radius when one sneezes. Therefore, if everyone who is not known to be infected, who are infected, or who have already been infected (for the sake of support) were to each diligently wear a mask then the spread can be hindered to a more controllable rate.

The Health Department states that an infected person who experiences symptoms is no longer contagious after 10 days from the day the symptoms began and is free of a fever for 72 hours at the end of the 10 days. Yet, if symptoms continue beyond the 10 days then there is high probability that they are still contagious. There is still speculation and much ambiguity in these isolation requirements and we find that many people do not follow their isolation schedule (Example 1: Take a walk through a busy grocery store and listen to the bronchial coughs. Example 2: Observe the general driving conditions since the virus can slow cognitive abilities. Example 3: As you eat out, hear people around complaining certain foods are off. The list of examples goes on…).

The Biggest Overall Stress of COVID-19

Many people confess they feel ashamed if they were to find they have become infected with COVID-19, even after all they do for prevention. Part of the reason is behind the stressful media coverage around COVID-19 during the pandemic’s beginning phases and the weeks of constant harassment from the Health Department. Even when they take all the measures possible for social distancing and quarantining, others who are close to the infected person may still possibly feel to shame them, including family, neighbors, friends, and colleagues. As cases continue to rise and the pandemic evolves, this trend is expected to gradually diminish. Nonetheless, this issue has caused an increase in unhealthy mental conditions during the pandemic.

The Current Obvious Government Stance

We have seen all sorts of governmental messages evolve these last two months from “Stop the Spread,” to “Slow the Spread,” and “Stay Strong, Utah.” While most government heads have discontinued most messages revolving around stopping the spread or have changed their approach entirely, the Health Department is still saying, “Help UDOH stop the spread of COVID-19.”

The group most affected by the virus continue to be people of age 65+ and others like those with autoimmune diseases. Although, with the ability to fight the virus best, the group most prone to spread the virus are children. Yet, the government is trying to push hard to re-open schools (first 2-3 months will be a rollercoaster with absent students and teachers from outbreaks and possibly entire school re-closures). Obviously, our initial attempts to stop the spread and save our economy were so flawed that our government behind the scenes has since surrendered to the virus and called game over. Again, we have tried hard to influence our government in better ways to manage this situation from the start.

Good News

As of April 10 (Good Friday), the virus did a quick world-wide mutation and the death rate or also called the mortality rate dropped from over 30% (government sources withheld to protect identity and government department) down to about 2.5%. It was truly a miracle.

Reason for Continued Restrictions

You may wonder the reason behind the continued restrictions if the government (we are not considering the Health Department as representing the government) has given up on stopping the spread. The answer is our local hospitals’ capacities for treating patients who would be admitted to the ICU for critical life-threatening conditions. Salt Lake County has already pushed the limits on patient capacity. Therefore, as good citizens and community members, we continue to support the restrictions to give our hospitals a fighting chance to save as many lives as possible.

Our Direction

While the government mentality has shifted from “stop the spread” to “slow the spread,” we will continue to do our best to keep everyone safe. We can lead our stake holders and government representatives to hear our voice and shake our sphere of influence, which we do diligently.

Dining Room to Re-Open

We are going to wait another few weeks (give or take) to allow just enough time to pass for some final economic evolution to occur, then we will be re-opening our dining room. We will continue to provide all the many benefits you love, including the sanitization station, touchless menu options, and a trained happy staff ready to serve you. The Pick-Up Window will remain operational for To-Go and Delivery orders and we plan to make it a permanent feature of the restaurant (which will also help prevent the dining room becoming crowded with To-Go orders on those busy nights, especial when social distancing is necessary).

Our Goal

Ultimately, we want to make you smile and say “Mmmmh, that is so good!” We will do this by continuing our consistent quality, safety protocols, and by offering pick-up, delivery, and in a few weeks—dine-in options. See you soon!